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David Murray - SEO Perth Trainer

David Murray – SEO Perth Trainer

We have a number of different business in Perth, WA, and our first website, selling computer training materials, appeared on the web way back in April 1996, which for the Internet is pre-historic times!  We designed and promoted the computer training website ourselves and have been learning SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) techniques ever since.

In over 15 years of business we have never employed a single sales person to sell our computer training materials.  All our business has come via our websites.  How many other businesses can say that?

  • Our original business was, and still is, selling computer training materials to training companies around the world, via the web.

Since then we have established a number of other very successful online businesses, including:

  • A company that transfers video tapes to DVD (marketed exclusively via the Web).
  • A company that scans photos and transfers them to DVD, again using only website marketing.
  • A company that sells a book offering general advice to people emigrating from the UK to Perth in Australia
    (web marketed only).
  • And last, but not least, this and related websites for our Perth SEO company, which teaches you how to promote your own company on the Web.

I and my family emigrated from the UK to Perth, Western Australia in 2006.  The entire business group is 100% owned by myself and my wife.

As all our businesses exclusively sell via the Internet, it does not really matter where I live.  One of the benefits of selling via the Web!

Our computer training business has grown over the years and has now sold computer  training materials to well over 60 countries.  It is so successful that the United Nations picked our company to produce training materials under the United Nations UNESCO training program!  Even NASA uses our training materials.

David Murray, the owner of the company, has delivered training courses and seminars across Europe from Dublin to Moscow for top financial institutions and well as technology company’s including IBM, HP and Compaq.

We are now offering our website design and SEO expertise to you.  Remember unlike many companies solely offering SEO services, we have cut our teeth working out what works, and just as importantly what does not work, in the process of running our own companies.  We know SEO.  We know what we are talking about.

Unlike many of our SEO competitors, we are not a large faceless company or a franchise operation.

Please take the time to browse our website.  It should answer most of your questions, but if there is anything else you need to know about our service, just email us and we will get back to you.


David Murray
Cheltenham Group Pty. Ltd.
Perth, WA, Australia



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