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Google Plus and SEO

Website On-Page SEO

Each page of your website will be optimised for the search engines using appropriate keywords and phrases and this is very important for getting your website found by Google and the other search engines. Without SEO you may have a beautiful website but if nobody can...
Google Plus and SEO

Pinterest and SEO

Why is Pinterest important for website SEO?  Pinterest is the fastest growing social networking site.  It allows you to share pictures and videos with other Pinterest members. If you are serious about SEO you need a Pinterest account, which reflects your companies...
Google Plus and SEO

Website Contact Form

A contact form displayed within your website is an excellent way of inviting customer feedback and allowing customers to contact you for extra information about your product or services. You can ask your customers for details including their name, company, phone...
Google Plus and SEO

Youtube Videos & SEO

We will create a YouTube video and include a link from YouTube to the website we create. Some time ago Google purchased YouTube.  That gives you a clue to the importance of having your company videos on YouTube. YouTube videos are now listed in the search results...
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