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How a website is designed is important for Search Engine Optimization.

These days most companies have a website, but if that website cannot be easily found on the Google search engine, using a relevant search expression, then you may have wasted your money.

Increasingly, people are searching for products or services online, rather than using the traditional ‘Yellow Pages’.  The Internet should be your first thought when it comes to investing your marketing budget.

Good website design involves all the following elements:

  • The website should be written from the ground up so that it will rank well in the Google search engine.
  • The website should load quickly.
  • The website should be easy to navigate.  This means that you should have a clear menu system to allow your website visitors to move from page to page, they should always be able to view your home page using a link at the top of every page.
  •  The website should look good in all web browsers, not just in Microsoft Internet Explorer.  Firefox and Chrome are becoming increasingly popular alternatives to the Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser.
  • The website should look good on different screen sizes and different screen resolutions.
  • The website needs to work on a PC, iPad and mobile phone.  These days an increasing proportion of people are using their mobile phones to search the web rather than the traditional PC.
  • Finally you need to be careful about the type of technology you use within your website. Until very recently a large proportion of websites used a technology called Flash to display moving images and to create interactivity within a website. The trouble with using Flash is there are an increasingly large number of devices no longer supporting it. For instance Flash will not be displayed on an iPad. We design websites with the future in mind while adhering to today’s standards.


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