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We will create a YouTube video and include a link from YouTube to the website we create.

Some time ago Google purchased YouTube.  That gives you a clue to the importance of having your company videos on YouTube.

YouTube videos are now listed in the search results displayed within Google.  Having a YouTube video is a great way of getting an extra link to your website, and the more links to your website, the better as far as your website SEO is concerned.

An example is illustrated below.  We produced a YouTube video for a company that wanted to get found using the search phrase FIFO WA FINANCES.

As you can see, even though we are searching Google, not YouTube, the YouTube video is listed in Google in the top, number one spot.

That’s why videos are important!

Did you know that you can link from your YouTube video to your company website?  There is a trick to doing this right.  Many companies do not do this linking correctly, and as a result YouTube visitors are unable to click on a link and view the company website.

Carrying on from the last example, you can see the clickable link (highlighted in the red box) from the FIFO video within YouTube, to the company’s website.

If you are going to create videos for YouTube, make sure that you use a company that knows what they are doing!


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