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We help make your website interesting and informative to your visitors.

The all-inclusive website & SEO package includes up to 15 pages.  Unlike printed pages, each page can be as long as you like and contain as much information as you require.  However when visiting websites, most people are looking for short easily digestible chunks of information, we recommend that you think carefully about your website content so that this is as relevant as possible to what your potential customers are looking for.

Typical website pages would include:

  • Home Page. This is the starting page for your website that you wish visitors to see first and contains details about what the rest of the website is about.
  • Contacts Page. This page includes contact details such as your address, phone, fax and email address.  It may also include details about your company or staff.
  • Directions / Map Page. Details of how to drive to your premises, plus a map.
  • About Us Page. A page describing your company and what makes you special.
  • Specialist content pages. This will vary from website to website and contains the detailed information that you wish to convey to your website visitors.


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