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Each page of your website will be optimised for the search engines using appropriate keywords and phrases and this is very important for getting your website found by Google and the other search engines.

Without SEO you may have a beautiful website but if nobody can find it there is little point having the website.  Without SEO, it is a bit like having a phone but not being in the phone book.

Many other companies may claim to include search engine optimisation which on closer inspection turns out to be nothing more than including a page title and description. Undoubtedly the HTML title is vitally important for promoting a particular web page however there are many more other factors that must be optimised on every single page of your website in order to properly promote a website.

For instance the actual page content of each page needs to be carefully tuned so it matches the search engine optimisation ambitions for that particular page. In addition headers must be used correctly along with correct anchor text in your links and if you are using images you need what is called alternative text which again must contain reference to your important keywords or phrases.

Even the way a page is laid out can have a dramatic effect on how well a page will show up within the search engine results. Perhaps even more importantly we will do the research for you to make absolutely sure that your website is tuned for the right keywords for your particular product or service. On numerous occasions I have seen websites designed by other people which look great and have actually been optimised quite well but unfortunately they have been optimised for the wrong keywords or phrases.

Having a website that nobody visits will not bring you any business but also if your website is attracting the wrong sort of visitors again this will not result in actual business for you. At the end of the day you need your website to work for you and to make money for you otherwise is little point in having a website.


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