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Downloads can include items such as a newsletter, flyer or a brochure.  All you need to do is email us the item you want included, in a Word Document or as a Adobe Acrobat PDF file.

The advantage of the Adobe Acrobat file format is that it can be opened and read by most people using the Internet.  It can be accessed by people using both PCs and Apple computers.

The Adobe Acrobat Reader program is already installed on most computers, meaning that just about everyone can view or print the document.

Document downloads can also help with your website SEO. 

Most people do not realise that when you do a Google search as well as websites showing up in the search results if you format your documents correctly then these documents can actually show up within the Google search results.

There are special tricks to make this happen so that if you supply a document to us we will embed extra hidden information that your users will not see but Google will notice and use to index the documents and increase the chances of these documents being included in the search engine result.


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