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If you require website hosting we can set this up for you.  Normally the cost for this is around $100 per year.  There are many web hosting companies to choose from, but it is best not to go for just the cheapest option as you may regret this later.

If a web hosting company offers a guarantee of 99% up time, if you think about it this is actually not very good.  It would mean that for every 100 days, the web server could be down for a whole day, and they would still be within their guarantee guidelines.

If you are sourcing your own web hosting company in Australia, do not think that you must have a company based within Australia.  A company based in the United States may offer a better and cheaper service. 

Shop around and do your research.  Read independent reviews from people who have actually used the service.  Often the quality of the support offered by a website hosting company is much more important than saving $50 a year!

Web hosting is not included in our standard pricing packages, but is a low cost additional item.


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