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As part of our all-inclusive service we will submit your website to reputable business directory listings

Links from these business directories will help with your website off-site SEO.  Off-site search engine optimisation is a term that applies to all search engine optimisation techniques that are separate from the actual website, the most important being quality links from other websites to your website.

For the best results these links should be one way links from another website to your website. In the early days of search engines the quality of the links was not important, just the quantity. These days the situation has changed completely and you will find that a few quality inbound links to your website will give you a lot more benefit than hundreds of low quality links from websites that Google ranks as either unimportant or in some cases actually dangerous.

In fact these days a link from what is known as a bad neighbourhood, i.e. a website with a poor reputation can actually harm your search engine results as far as Google is concerned.

Never be tempted by offers you may receive to get hundreds of links to your website for a low one off cost is more than likely many of these links will do you more harm than good.

Always remember the basic rule these days as far as linking is concerned is that quality is far more important than quantity.


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