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As part of our all-inclusive service, we will optimise your website content, heading text, Image Alt tag and anchor text to maximise the SEO benefit for your chosen keywords phrases.

It is very important that the content of each page on your website contains information relevant to your important keyword phrases.

As part of our all-inclusive service we will, where necessary rewrite the content that you submit so it is more Google friendly and make sure that it contains relevant keywords and phrases.

To illustrate the point let’s say that you run a plumbing business based in Perth.  In this case it is vitally important that you actually use the word plumbing along with related words such as plumbers and reference to your location in this case Perth. Time and time again I talk to clients who complain that their original websites do not get found for their chosen keyword phrases and when I look at their websites I find that there is no reference whatsoever to these keywords or phrases within the entire website.

Back in the day you could just simply stuff you keywords into a webpage and the search engines would find this and happily index the information that you supplied.  These days search engines are getting much more sophisticated, they are looking for natural sounding phrasing and they are also on the lookout for people who over optimise their website.

For instance in the early days of search engines you could just simply repeat the words Perth plumbers over and over again in a website causing that page to rank quite highly in the search engine results. These days Google will recognise this sort of activity and your website will actually get penalised for it rather than promoting your website within the search engine results.

The other thing to understand is that the position of keyword phrases within a particular web page can be very important. Because of our many years of experience in promoting websites we understand what Google is looking for so even if Google makes minor changes on a regular basis to the way that it indexes websites providing a page is written correctly as far as search engine optimisation is concerned you will find that it will continue to do well over a period of time within the search engine results.

Many people fail to recognise the importance of keywords within headers on a webpage. The correct use of keywords within a header combined with the correct use of header levels can have an enormous effect on how well a particular page will show up in the Google search engine results.

Something else to bear in mind is that Google has no idea about the contents of a photo that is embedded within your website. By using what are called alternative text tags along with other tricks that we employ we will help make sure that Google understands what each one of your pictures is about and by telling Google this information you will get an extra search engine optimisation benefit for your website.

Finally the correct use of anchor text will help your SEO.  Anchor text is the text that is used in links to other pages within your websites.

It is always worth bearing in mind that Google will look at your website pages and will rate those pages against your competitors. If you take full advantage of all the search engine optimisation tricks that are available, but making sure that you still play within the rules, then all things being equal it stands to reason that your page will be displayed in a higher position than your competitors pages within the search engine results.

All of the above methods plus many more will be included when you use our all-inclusive service.


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