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We will register you with an ‘article submission website’. 

These sites accept articles from people like yourselves, publish the articles on their website and the idea is that in most cases people reading articles are free to copy the articles into their own websites providing they attribute the article to the original author. Ideally people posting articles to their websites, that you originally wrote, should also post a link back to your website. This is an excellent way of gaining additional links to your website.

There are many different article submission websites while some are excellent others are next to useless and you should be very selective when signing up to article submission websites. Only use submission sites that have a good page rank on their homepage.

You should search the web for reviews of the different submission sites available and make a shortlist of other sites that you might also like to use in the future. A good tip is that you should not write one article and submit it to loads of sites.  You should submit unique articles to each site. Submitting a single article to dozens of article’s submission sites may look like spam as far as Google is concerned so as usual be sensible and don’t try and overdo it as far as articles submission is concerned.

Once we hand the website over to you, you will be able to post more articles as often as you wish.

Article submission registration is included within our all-inclusive package as is the submission of your first few articles.


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