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All new websites that we create are based on WordPress.

WordPress is software specifically designed to create and manage effective blogs.

We will design your website so that it will use webpages for content such as your ‘home page’, ‘about us page’ and ‘contact us’ page.  Your products and services pages would also normally be set up as actual pages. The great thing about WordPress is that we can use it to create a blog within the website which you can use to create what are called blog posts. Using blog posts is a great way of gaining extra search engine optimisation friendliness for your website.

These days Google is looking for good content and also what is called fresh content. The idea behind fresh content is essentially that Google is looking for new content or content that is updated on a regular basis. The more Google visits your website and sees that new content has been created since its last visit the greater the chances that Google will elevate your website in the search engine results.

We will set up a special blog home page for you, also known as a blog static page. This page can be used to list all your blogs in date order, with the most recent blogs being displayed at the top of the page.

In order to get the best out of your website blog you should commit to creating new blog content at least once a month and ideally once a week. The new blog content should be interesting which will help to attract readers and it should be carefully focused on subjects that relate specifically to your particular product or service.

We will provide guidance on how to write good blog content so that you will get the maximum search engine optimisation benefit from your blogs.

Blog setup and configuration is included within our all-inclusive service.


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