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Accept credit card payments via your website.

If you are selling a product or service via you website, a PayPal ‘Buy Now’ button allows you to accept credit card payments directly via your website. 

In order to use PayPal first you need to create an account with PayPal and have this verified so that PayPal knows that you are a legitimate customer. Once the PayPal account is active then it is surprisingly easy to use PayPal to create payment buttons for you which can be inserted into your website.

The easiest type of payment is to use what’s called a ‘Buy Now’ button which means that when a customer clicks on this button they are automatically transferred to a secure area on PayPal’s own website and a page is displayed detailing the specifics relating to a particular product or service. The customer simply needs to fill in their details including their credit card and address details click on confirm button and then money is automatically transferred from the customer’s credit card to PayPal. You will then receive an email from PayPal telling you that money has been received and you can then transfer the money from PayPal directly into your bank account.

The great thing about using PayPal is that customers do not need to trust you, they need to trust PayPal, which most people do. This is because their money is transferred first to PayPal and then PayPal pay you (minus their commission) rather than the customer paying you directly.

A PayPal button will look like this:





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