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Our all-inclusive website design and SEO service includes the installation and setup of a Google XML site map plug-in. If you are not familiar with XML site maps the good news is that once we have set it up for you, you do not need to worry about it. The XML site map file will tell the Google search engine about all the individual posts and pages on your website, so that Google can index and list every one of your pages within its database of web pages.

Without an XML site map Google would need to find your homepage and then follow links to every other page within your website. Google will still do this but the whole point of this special XML site map is that Google is basically aware of every page on your site and each time the Google search engine robots visit your site they will examine the file for any changes and will instantly be aware of new content on your website.

The site map plug-in we use will automatically be updated each time you create new pages and posts, or indeed whenever you delete content on your website. Incidentally most of the other major search engines will also use the XML site map to determine the list of pages contained within your website.

Do not confuse an XML site map with a site map page contained within your website. A site map page is basically just a page on your website that contains links to all the other pages on your website so that the Google search engine can follow those links and also your human visitors can easily gain access to all the pages contained within your website.


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