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When you first create a YouTube account you are automatically assigned what is called a YouTube channel. It is important to realise that as far as YouTube is concerned there are multiple layers of opportunity for getting the best out of SEO.

What I mean by this is that the individual YouTube video can be optimised as far as SEO is concerned. The channel can be optimised for your particular keyword phrases.

And then finally you can create YouTube play lists again which can be customised for maximum search engine optimisation value. As part of our all-inclusive web design and SEO service we will setup all of this for you including the creation and uploading of your YouTube videos plus all the associated optimisation for your particular keywords or phrases.

It is always important to remember that YouTube is actually the second most popular search engine in use today. Think about it, when you go to YouTube you search for videos that you want to watch, so as you can see, you are actually using YouTube as a search engine.

The good news is that most of your competitors will not know how to optimise the various components within YouTube and when optimisation is done correctly, you can achieve spectacular results within the YouTube search engine results.

Also bear in mind that some time ago Google purchased YouTube which gives you an indication that as far as Google is concerned YouTube is important.

YouTube Playlist customisation is included in our website design, all-inclusive service.


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