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Top 10 SEO Scams


There are many companies who seem to know little, if anything, about SEO, but are more than willing to take your money.  If an SEO offer sounds to good to be true, then walk away, because in most cases it will be a scam.  Never be tempted to respond to spam emails, offering SEO services.  What sort of reputable SEO company uses a spam email to get your business?


Here is our list of Top 10 SEO Scams.

SEO Scam # 1 – Spam emails that offer cut price SEO services.

Spam is spam, just delete it.  Most spam emails offering SEO services use an anonymous email address, such as a Gmail address.  There is no indication of where they are based, and in most cases it is a simple scam to get your money.  These sort of emails fall into the same bracket as ‘get rich quick scams’ and are highly unlikely to benefit your website’s Google ranking in the search engine results.


SEO Scam # 2 – First page Google ranking guaranteed in 24 hrs.

Anyone can achieve this, it is called Google Adwords.  It basically means that you pay to have adverts included at the top, or to the side of the Google search results.  When people click on your link, you pay a fee to Google. This is totally different from being listed in the ‘organic results’ section of Google, where there is no cost to you when people click on your links.

If you want to use Google Adwords, do it yourself, but remember that you will be paying for every single click on your website link.

The advantage of using a professional SEO company is that if you show up well in the ‘Organic search results’, it does not cost you money every time someone visits your website!


SEO Scam # 3 – Companies that guarantee Top 10 Google ranking .

Nobody can guarantee a page one ranking in Google.  The algorithms used by Google are constantly changing and this affects how websites are listed within the Google search engine rankings.  All a company can promise is to do their best to get you on the first page in Google, and some try harder than others.

In fact if you investigate Google’s own advice, they warn you to avoid companies that make this sort of claim.


SEO Scam # 4 – Companies that offer to submit your website to ‘hundreds of search engines’.

There are a handful of search engines that matter, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. I defy most people to name ten search engines, let alone hundreds.


SEO Scam # 5 – Companies that offer to submit your website to ‘thousands of directory listings’.

If you could pay $50 to submit your company web site to thousands of directory listings, then do you really think this will impress the search engines?  If it was really that simple to get a high ranking website, then there would be no market for professional SEO companies, such as ours.

Google looks at where your back links come from and it is the quality of the back links to your website, not the quantity that counts.

Google is very good at finding out about commercial back link schemes and so called ‘Link Farms’.

Proper SEO takes time.  Proper SEO takes effort.  If this was not true, then everyone would be first in Google, which is nonsense.


SEO Scam # 6 – Companies that claim to have cracked the Google search algorithms.

Even most of the people who work for Google do not understand the full algorithm, plus they keep changing the parameters.  This sort of claim is simply unbelievable.


SEO Scam # 7 – Companies that claim to ‘know someone that works for Google’.

I don’t think so.  Enough said.


SEO Scam # 8 – Companies that refuse to discuss their methods of getting you a higher ranking, as it is a secret formula!

There is no secret to best SEO practice, but it requires a good technical understanding of how the Internet works, how search engines work and an incredible attention to detail, coupled with dogged persistence.  Professional SEO takes time and should be regarded as an investment for the long term security and prosperity of your website.


SEO Scam # 9 – Companies that guarantee the lowest priced SEO service.

You tend to get what you pay for.  Professional SEO is time consuming and requires people with good technical skills.  Many cut price SEO companies use simple, automated software, but this will seldom result in long term SEO benefits to your website.

At the end of the day, how much is a well promoted website worth to your company?


SEO Scam # 10 – Companies that offer SEO software that you can run to totally optimize your website and get a guaranteed page one ranking.

You can search the web for all sorts of automated software that promises to get you a page one ranking in Google.  As explained previously, professional SEO is not something that comes in a box providing magical results, it takes time and it takes effort.

Google specifically warns against using the sort of software that will track your websites position in the Google search results.


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