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Decide what you want SEO to achieve and think local

It sounds obvious, but before performing any SEO work on your website you should have a clear idea of what you want to achieve.  You need to understand what is possible with SEO and also what is not possible.

You need to understand that proper SEO will take time and effort and you should not expect instant results.

In most cases when we talk to our customers and ask for a list of their important keyword phrases, then if they are a plumber in Perth, they would come up with a list that looks something like this.




Commercial plumbers


However if you are a local business then these are the wrong phrases.  A local plumbing business in say Joondalup in Perth should be thinking of keyword phrases like this.


Plumbers Perth

Plumbing Perth

Commercial plumbers Perth


Plumbers Joondalup

Plumbing Joondalup

Commercial plumbers Joondalup


You get the idea.  Your local customers will use a local place name to limit the search that Google performs so that local results are displayed.  People in Perth have no interest in contacting a plumber based in the northern suburbs of Sydney!

Think local when thinking what SEO can do for you.  Google also encourages you to think local and many of the new enhancements from Google will help you dominate local searches, if used correctly.

Remember that you want more customers, not just more website visitors, many of which will be based abroad and may not be interested in your local service.


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