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Why use ‘Paid Directories’ for SEO

When you start to investigate the possibilities there are so many places on the Web that you can use to get free links to your website and help your SEO you may wonder why you would use a paid directory. A paid directory as the name implies is where you need to pay a fee to be included within the directory.

You always need to remember that as well as the number of links to your website, it is also important to get quality links. If you look at it from the Google search engine point of view, if Google knows you have paid a fairly large amount of money to be included in the directory then this indicates to Google that you are serious about your SEO efforts.

You need to be careful about which paid directories to consider signing up for. A fairly easy check is to go to the homepage of the directory site and see what the PageRank as. The higher the PageRank number the better.

If you are working on a tight budget you may want to try everything else first before considering using paid directories. You may get along perfectly well without using them. If on the other hand you want to accelerate the effects of your SEO or if you work in a particularly competitive field then you should consider using at least a few of the more well-known paid directories.


Paid Yahoo Directory Submissions

Yahoo search allows you to submit your website to them free of charge and you should do this first.

Yahoo! also maintains a paid directory listing and it is well worth investing a relatively small amount of money to get listed within the Yahoo paid directory.

It will cost you $299 USD for a site review, plus $299, with a further $299 each year.  You can check current pricing, and also submit your site at this URL.



Paid BUSINESS.COM listing

A paid listing in the Business.com directory will confer similar benefits to listing within the Yahoo directory. It will cost you around $299 per year. For more details see their website at:



‘Best of the Web’ Paid Directory Listing

Founded in 1994 the ‘Best of the Web Directory’ is a commercial web directory and you should consider a page listing within it.  You can choose from an annual charge of around $150 a year or a one-off charge of around $300. For more details please see their website at the following URL.



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