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Google PageRank and SEO

The Google PageRank is an indication of the importance that Google attaches to every web page within your website.


As we will see later you can easily view your Google PageRank by installing the Google toolbar.  It is important to realise that the Google PageRank is just one component within the Google algorithm, however it is a good indication of what Google thinks of your website, and the higher the PageRank, all other factors being equal, the better a particular web page will show up in the Google search engine results.


Google PageRank is measured from 0 to 10 and you should realise this is a non-linear scale. Hardly any web pages have a Google PageRank of 10 as this is extremely hard to achieve.


You should also be aware that the PageRank as displayed within the Google toolbar is only publicly updated every few months, so if you have been applying SEO efforts and see no change, be patient, as you may well see an improvement the next time that Google updates the publicly available PageRank number.


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