SEO Perth FAQs – All Inclusive Website SEO Package

How long does it take to develop, publish and optimise a website?

To some extent this depends on you as you will need to provide detailed information relating to website content and also what keyword phrases you wish to promote.  Normally the process should take around 2-3 weeks.


Once I have signed up for the service what information do you need from me?

We need website content details and a list of keyword phrases to be used for the SEO.  Other details that will need to be agreed are items such as the domain name address for your website plus the design look and feel.


How long before I start showing up well in the search engines?

This can take 3-6 months.  There are no shortcuts in good SEO.

Once the initial service is setup what do I need to do to get the best out of the service?
Once everything is in place, it is your responsibility to create and post regular blog posts, to regularly update your Facebook page and to send out Twitter tweets.  We will show you how to do all this, but the more active you are the better your website will be promoted.


What’s included in the All Inclusive SEO package?

See a full list of what is included in our website design and SEO service.


Do you guarantee that my website will show up on the first page in Google after SEO?

If you check out Google’s own website support pages it categorically states that no-one can guarantee a first page listing.  If another company does offer a guarantee, we advise you to look VERY CAREFULLY at the small print.  You should only use SEO techniques that follow the guidelines laid down by Google.  Over optimisation of a website can actually cause your website to be penalised by Google and you will end up with lower, rather than higher search engine rankings.


Can I make changes to the website content myself?

We use WordPress software to setup and customise the website.  Once the initial website is setup you will be able to make modifications yourself.  WordPress is designed to be easy to use by people without detailed technical web design knowledge.  If you need to change your prices or to create a special offer you will be able to make these changes yourself.  This puts you in charge.





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