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SEO is short for Search Engine Optimisation

Website online promotion involves the careful application of specialist marketing techniques to try and make sure that your website appears as high up the Google listing order as possible.  It is an essential part of your online marketing strategy.  An alternative term is SEM which is short for Search Engine Marketing.

When someone searches for a product or service that relates to your company, you need to be in the first or second page of results, as displayed by the Internet search engines.

There are a number of different search engines, including Google, Yahoo and Bing.  By far the most important for business is Google.

Think of your own experiences when searching for something on Google.  If you find what you want on the first or second page, how often do you look at the third page of results?  I am guessing hardly ever.

While most companies have a website, the majority still do not pay adequate attention to the SEO of their websites.

You should be aware of the fact that there are an increasing number of scammers out there, who will promise you a lot in terms of SEO but once they have your money will actually do little or nothing to improve your website performance in Google.  Some use bad SEO techniques that will actually harm your website positioning.

Also be aware that many website designers are primarily graphic designers, which means that they are great when it comes to producing eye catching printed materials such as brochures, but are utterly hopeless when it comes to the SEO optimising of a website for good search engine visibility.

SEO requires knowledge of how the Internet works, combined with an extra helping of common sense and an understanding of business requirements.

If anyone tells you that they can guarantee a placing at the top of Google using SEO within a week, walk away from them. See some common SEO scams.

Like everyone else you may have received unsolicited emails promising SEO services, but if you look carefully most of these have  a dubious email address, give no physical address and no company details.  Do not be tempted to respond to these sorts of outrageous claims as more than likely you will end up losing any money you pay to them.

Finally, good website SEO takes time.  Typically up to 3-6 months to get decent results in Google.  The longer a website has been in existence, the better Google likes and trusts the website, and the higher in the rankings, all other factors being equal, the website will be displayed.  Do not expect instant SEO results.



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