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In many cases people tell us that when they search Google that their website does not show up at all, or is buried on page 6 on the Google search engine results.

If you search Google using your exact company name, you may show up on the first page, but what happens when you search for your products or services within Google.  Most people search for a specific product or service, not your company name!

There can be many reasons for this the most obvious reason is that if you do not mention the words within your search phrase anywhere within your actual website then you cannot blame Google for not knowing that certain words or phrases are important to you.  You need to work your important keywords into the text displayed on your website pages.

For instance if you are a offering a plumbing service based in Joondalup, Perth, then you need to include these words within the text displayed on your website.

The title of each page should accurately reflect the content of each web page and the title should include your preferred search phrase words.  Each web page making up your website should have a different title and a mistake that we see over and over again is the same title displayed on every page of the website.

Google does not understand what a picture is about and you can use what are called ‘ALT’ tags within your website to tell Google exactly what each picture is about.  Again often we see websites with no picture ‘ALT’ tags at all, or sometimes a repeated ALT tags such as ‘Click Here’, which tells Google nothing about the contents of the picture.

Using headers within your text can help enormously with your website SEO, but again we see many sites with either no headers in the text or headers containing meaningless phrase such as ‘WELCOME’.  The headers should contain your keywords strung together into a natural sounding sentence.

For a website to show up well in the search engines, you need lots of high quality links from other websites, pointing to your websites.  Many people think that simply paying a company that sent them a spam email offering ‘200 links for $15″ will somehow magically impress Google.  Buying in bad links may even harm your website.

Back in the day, it was very common for people owning websites to exchange links in what is called a reciprocal arrangements.  These days a reciprocal link is all but useless with regard to the SEO of your website.  What Google likes is quality, one-way links and as many of them as possible, but quality over quantity!

Many website design companies specialise in producing fantastic looking websites, but often neglect that fact that it does not matter how pretty your website looks if no one can find it.  Many web design companies offer SEO as an optional add-on service and many frankly know little or nothing about modern SEO techniques.

Many SEO companies will try and convince you that there is a secret SEO formula that they use that will guarantee you results within the week, which frankly is utter rubbish.   Good SEO takes time and effort, but the good news is that there is no secret.

And now the good news about SEO.

Popper SEO is not complicated and you do not need to understand programming or have to learn what every single HTML tag does.  But we do teach you about a few important HTML tags.

Our SEO seminars are designed for ordinary people running real businesses to understand what is possible using ethical SEO techniques, what is not possible and also how to apply many simple techniques to successfully promote their website within Google.

If you have any questions feel free to call us or email us for more information.



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